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Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs Today

Bonita Springs is a hidden gem between Fort Myers and Naples. If you’re looking, for seclusion, check out what Bonita has to offer. Known for its charming beaches and sand dunes, relaxation is inevitable. Our state parks are a great place to kayak and potentially see dolphins, manatees, parrots and beautiful landscape.

Bonita Springs is benefiting from the grow of both Naples and Fort Myers and is seeing an average increase in its population of 3-4% per year.

Featured Businesses in Bonita Springs

Master Website Planners

9990 Coconut Rd Suite #222

Bonita Springs FL, 34135

(239) 495-9999

South Florida Architecture

9990 Coconut Rd #351

Bonita Springs FL, 34135

(239) 777-0616

USA Snax

9990 Coconut Rd #221

Bonita Springs FL, 34135

The History Of Bonita Springs

People have been living in Bonita Springs for quite some time; in fact, since the days of prehistoric man. Recent discoveries place humans in Bonita Springs around 8,000 years ago. Here are a couple of the milestones in its history:

In 1912, Tennessean J.H. Ragsdale, along with fellow investors from Fort Myers, purchased 2,400 acres around the town of Survey. He and associate, Dan Farnsworth, searched the area and laid out a small town with streets and avenues named after the investors.

The developers decided that the name, Survey, lacked sales appeal, so the town was renamed Bonita Springs! Indian Spring Branch became the Oak Creek; and Surveyor’s Creek was renamed, the Imperial River.

As the years passed, the rush to build was about to start. With the development of air conditioning and the opening of “new” US41 and I-75, population increased, which brought shopping malls, modern office facilities and golf courses into the area. Today, Bonita Springs is an attractive, prosperous area with pristine beaches, fine restaurants, excellent recreational facilities and beautiful homes. It’s hard to realize that, a little more than three generations ago, the roots of this thriving community were a scattering of homesteaders’ shacks by a creek in the back of nowhere – a place called Survey.

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