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The “Magic” of a Fresh Paint Job

Mon, Nov 18th, 2019

The “Magic” of a Fresh Paint Job

Have you ever watched one of those home makeover shows? The excitement you feel when seeing the homeowner's faces after their remodeled home is revealed? Then, you are usually taken on a tour of the rest of the home. The once shabby surroundings are now worthy of being displayed in a showroom or model home. You find yourself mouthing "oohs" and "aahs" with every before and after shot.

Do you sometimes feel your home needs an update or "something" to make what looks and feels old, new again? You wouldn't believe it but there is magic in a can of paint especially when applied by a professional painter! Often, painting your home whether with a new color or using the original color is all that is needed to bring your home back to life!

What To Look For

The outcome of painting your home has a lot to do with the Prep Work and attention to detail done by the painter. The person or company you hire to paint your home should:

  • Be licensed and insured - Being licensed and insured protects both the homeowner and painter
  • Have experience - An experienced painter has painted many homes and the outcome of the areas painted will reflect this experience
  • Provide a written estimate - So that there are no surprises later
  • Warrantys their work - An excellent painter has the confidence and skill to do a great job so they will be happy to warranty their work

Where To Start

If you are not ready to paint your entire home, maybe start with a room or two. Pick the rooms that you feel could use a facelift the most. After those are completed, you will be amazed at how quickly you will want to do more.

Having cabinets, a dresser, kitchen island, lanai ceiling or other wooden surfaces refinished complements a painted room or area. We have seen some beautiful transformations with refinishing and painting combined.

When it comes to the garage, in addition to having it painted, implementing epoxy flooring can turn your garage into a really nice space. Expoy flooring is easy to clean, lasts for many, many years and is virtually maintenance free.

Bellmore's Finishing

These are ways to give your home an updated look without buying new furniture or window treatments. At Bellmore's Finishing, they specialize in interior and exterior residential and commercial painting, refinishing and epoxy flooring. They offer many choices for transforming the look and feel of your home or business.

Also, Bellmore's Finishing is licensed and insured, has many years of painting and refinishing experience, they provide a written estimate for any work done and they warranty all of their work. If you would like to learn more or schedule painting, refinishing or epoxy flooring call 239-494-2725.