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The Importance of the Web for Your Small Business

Mon July 15th, 2019

People Searching Online

Did you know that 40% of small businesses still do not have a website? With staggering numbers like this you have to ask why? Cost is the number one reason followed by not seeing a need because they depend on personal networks to drive customers.

These small business owners still may be missing the boat when it comes to how much the digital world can offer a small business. From brand awareness, new customers, social proof for potential customers and building trust are all lost without a good company web presence.

There comes a time when a company gets to the outer reaches of their word of mouth network and without a solid digital presence people who don’t already know a company are less likely to trust them.

This usually helps their competition. The more competition in an industry, the better your website and digital presence needs to be to top them. Many small business owners try to build their own website and when that gets no results, they ask a friend or family member to do it and when that doesn’t pan out, they usually hire a low-cost, low-skilled web person.

It is amazing how much time gets wasted during this process and we all know "time is money".

The web has changed so much in the past few years and it will continue to change. Google is the most powerful and popular search engine there is. They have a complicated algorithm that looks at an entire web presence to decide if a website is quality over its competition to show it first to people searching for that type of information. Google has over 20,000 employees to handle everything.

Remember, when someone goes on Google to do a search, the results are not coming from the web itself, but from Google's index of the web. Google has things called, spiders or bots, that crawl the code of every website to learn about it.

Many business owners just put a website online (usually a cheap template site) and never get any results from it. When you work with a reputable skilled digital agency, they know what needs to be done to be successful online. They will build your company a quality website and digital presence and help grow it for you over time. You don’t have to do any of the work. If you are not a web developer, you probably don’t know everything that needs to be done online to be successful.

There is much more to it than putting up a website. One of the things that Google looks at is the quality of inbound links pointing to your website. Purchasing a listing in a professional local directory like SWFL Business Finder will provide a high-quality link to your website in addition to all of the other benefits of owing a listing there.

If you are a small business just starting out SWFL Business Finder is a great way to start with an online presence, or even if your company is already established, this is a fantastic addition to what you already are doing online.

Having lots of high-quality lines in the digital water is a great way to beat your competition, build trust with people looking online who could be new customers and to retain existing customers.

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