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The Biggest Factor in the Success of Your Business is YOU!

Wed, Mar 29th, 2020

The Biggest Factor in the Success of Your Business is YOU!

In the quest of starting or growing your own business, you may have been bombarded with a sea of ads with just the perfect tool or service to grow your business. Although, there are some quality ways to help grow your business (like a fantastic directory built around the community you do business in), it's important not to underestimate the importance and value you bring to your company.

You are and will always be the biggest reason why your company succeeds. In this article, we will go over some important steps to maximize the success of your business.

Realistic Expectations

When determining how much you should spend to grow your business online, the measuring tool should not be the cheapest price out there. It should be measured by your industry and competition. Although, you may think a better strategy will allow you to spend less than the competition, expecting to compete with them directly at 1% of their budget is not a good foundation to build a strategy around and often leads to business owners falling victim to scams.

Instead, consider a more fine-tuned strategy like targeting the people closest to your business or providing a more personalized experience than your much larger competitor. More importantly, make sure you have a great web presence in your area including good information about your company and reviews.

Avoiding the Domino Effect

We have all been there. With so many things to do we sometimes miss seemingly obvious problems. When promoting your company, it's important to understand that no one thing will make or break your business. Instead, it's going to be multiple moving parts working together to make your company successful. For example, having a marketing plan that results in many leads in the form of phone calls, but not having an efficient system to have all those phone calls answered promptly, will make an otherwise good lead magnet far less efficient. Before investing heavily in your marketing, make sure that your company will be able to do fulfillment from the first phone call to the completion of your service.

Every Great Leader Needs Advisors

We all heard the old saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none". It's impossible to be an expert at everything. That is why you need advisors to guide you on different aspects of your company. But how do you choose the right advisors? One of the key traits we notice in the effectiveness of an advisor is being able to help with the creation of a business owner’s vision for their company as opposed to just advising them about it. This is important because if you can bring an idea to fruition, you know the resources it takes to make that vision a reality.

As mentioned above, you must have realistic expectations and it’s impossible to have realistic expectations when you don't know the resources it takes to build your ideas. Another benefit people who can create your idea provide is they know how these ideas work in practice as opposed to just theory. Although anyone can look up ideas in search engines and call themselves advisors, knowing how they work in practice and the obstacles you will run into will allow you to construct a better plan that achieves the results you want. So, when choosing your next advisor, make sure they can not only advise you, but implement your plan as well.

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